I’ve Been Changed by Karen Clark Sheard Mp3 download

Karen Clark Sheard

I’ve Been Changed by Karen Clark Sheard Mp3 download

I’ve Been Changed by Karen Clark Sheard Mp3 SONG. American Christian/Gospel Artist Karen Clark Sheard Released a New Single Titled “I’ve Been Changed”, Which is a Powerful Song That Will Uplift Your Spirit And Surely Be Worth A Place On Your Playlist.

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I’ve Been Changed By Karen Clark Sheard Lyrics 

Any other day
I wouldn’t have dealt with this situation this way
There were a lot of things I wanted to say
But when I thought about what would have happened
If I let you get the best of me
No way
Now I can truly say

[Chorus:] I was a bird on the ground
Using my legs to get around
I was a piano out of tune
But I’ve been turned around
Tell you how I know
Places I used to go
I don’t even go no more
Cause I can fly now
And the song I play lets me know
I’ve been changed

Never mind what you heard
I’m not the same somewhere, somehow, some way
I reversed the way I do things
I know it ain’t worth all the
Tug of war with you
To prove I’m stronger
I no longer
Stay to play and lose
Now I’m proud to say it’s true

[Chorus] [Bridge] Make no mistake about it
Anyone could change
But it takes a strong mind to say
That doing the right thing is ok
And now that I’ve decided
To give up these ways
There’s no turning back now
Now that I found out
I can overcome all these things

[Chorus x2]

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