Download: Without You – Olumide Emmanuel [Mp3 + VIDEO]

Without You is a hymn of the deep revelation of nothingness outside of Christ, as seen in Col. 2:9 – 14. The lyrics are: For in him dwells physically the whole Godhead in all of its fullness.

This song stirs the heart in awareness of the fact that there is only one God, Sovereign, who does not dwell in a house built by human hands, but who dwells eternally in the sky, and who is overjoyed at the prospect of His children continuing their relationship with him.

You are revealed in Christ as an heir of salvation regardless of the lies and deceptions of the devil in our world, as revealed in Without You. Without You serves as a reminder to abide in Christ, His person, and His fullness, understanding that everything you are and will ever be is a true expression of God’s love for you and that your life must always give Him the honor.

Nigerian Olumide Emmanuel is now working on other song projects, which will be released as they are completed. As a result, Minister Olumide Emmanuel should be expected to deliver more.

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