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DOWNLOAD Hymn Acapeldridge Our God He Is Alive

Acapeldridge – Our God, He Is Alive mp3

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Our God, He Is Alive Lyrics

There is, beyond the azure blue;
A God, concealed from human sight.
He tinted skies with heav’nly hue
And framed the worlds with His great might.

There is a God, He is alive,
In Him we live and we survive;
From dust our God created man,
He is our God, the great I Am.

2 There was a long, long time ago,
A God whose voice the prophets heard.
He is the God that we should know,
Who speaks from His inspired word.


3 Secure, is life from mortal mind,
God holds the germ within His hand,
Though men may search, they cannot find,
for God alone does understand.


4 Our God, whose Son upon a tree,
A life was willing there to give,
That He from sin might set man free,
And evermore with Him could live.


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