Cheta (Remember) by Ada Ehi Mp3 download

Cheta (Remember) by Ada Ehi Mp3 download

Cheta (Remember) by Ada Ehi Mp3 SONG. A wonderful gospel song by Nigerian gospel music minister, Ada Ehi – Cheta. Enjoy!

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LYRICS Cheta (Remember) by Ada Ehi

[Chorus] Cheta, Cheta
I am God and I never fail
Cheta, Cheta
Yesterday, today and forever
The same, Cheta, cheta
Echezokwala O,
Cheta, cheta, remember

[Verse 1] Abum, abum (Abum, abum)
Abum, abum (Abum, abum)
I am Jehovah (Abum, abum)
And I am able (Abum, abum)
Is anything too hard for me?
Is it ever too late for me?
Whatever it is, abum
I’m forever the same

[Repeat Chorus] [Verse 2] The God of Abraham,
Isaac and Jacob (I am)
Who makes dry bones
To rise again (I am)
Let there be light
And the world began (I am)
Say you can call me (I am, I am)
Who gives barren a song to sing (I am)
Who makes the dead rise again (I am)
The first and Last,
Beginning and the end
And I am forever the same
Is anything too hard for me
Is it ever too late for me
Whatever it is, I am,
I’m forever same

[Bridge] Whatever it is abum,
Whatever you need, I am
In every situation, I am
Obimo cheta – {Beloved remember}
Bigger than what people say
Obimo cheta
I’m forever the same
Obimo cheta
You are not alone
Yo-u are not alone
You are not alone

[Repeat Chorus]



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