Andy Mineo – Mangia (Ramen & Rhymin) MP3 DOWNLOAD & Lyrics

Andy Mineo – Mangia (Ramen & Rhymin) MP3 DOWNLOAD & Lyrics

Foreign Gospel Songs Artist Andy Mineo releases powerful worship songs titled “Mangia (Ramen & Rhymin)” that will bless you in a great way and refresh your soul.
This song is available on all Digital Music Distribution outlets worldwide, and also you can get it here on Impacttunes.
Listen & Download “Mangia (Ramen & Rhymin) Mp3 Download” by Andy Mineo Below:-




[Intro] Uh, ramen and rhymin’
Thought it was over but no, it’s God timin’
New York to Haneda, we gotta fly-in
I know why I’m here, on assignment, yeah
Ramen and rhymin’
I mean, like, eat puto and onyx
They both warm my heart like good conscience
Nothin’ like good ramen and rhymin’

[Verse 1] Eatin’ [?] with [?] playin’
I kinda, sorta bouillon and rhyme-sayin’
Went from the futon, the dude is full-time
They discount me like coupon, but yet I move on
How you suburban critiquin’ GMC’s in the Yukon?
You should be slow to squeeze like glue guns
And they know I’m New York, always, it’s like Sufjan
I could do this all day when I turn the juice on (Ayy-o, ayy-o)
God is rеal, I’m from the ‘Cuse
But still got love for Yukon
Tap you on thе jaw, you gone
Float like a butterfly

[Chorus] Yeah, ramen and rhymin’
Wait on it, it’s God’s timin’
New York to Haneda, we gotta fly in
Two things I know, I know, hmm-mm
Ramen and rhymin’
I mean, like, eat puto and onyx
They both for my soul like good conscience, mm
Ramen and rhymin’

[Interlude 1] Are we on the air?
Yes, you are
Uh, I’d like to hear a new beat
Ayy, yo!

[Verse 2] Hi, my name is Andy some of y’all still don’t know me
I be Uptown, mayo, ketchup, dippin’ for the tostones
And I do this for the Rock, I ain’t no jabroni (Shut up)
Growin’ up, it was carciofi and macaroni
“Mangia, he’s a grown boy,” that’s what Grandma told me
Me and my fellas gettin’ rings like matrimony
Now it’s gettin’ cozy, I need some extra room
What’s courtside? (Ayy-o) I been to the empty tomb
And they hate but never show face, MF DOOM
Conversations ’bout havin’ kids, I’m delayin’ it
The workaholic inside of me been afraid of it
Plus, who I’m gon’ call to babysit, huh?
Money, green grass up in Amsterdam is a favorite
Get the bagel with the locks, I ain’t talkin’ Jadakiss (Ah-ha)
Eatin’ in New York can get dangerous (Ha)
I wouldn’t state you wrong, gotta stop at L&B’s
Gotta get this spumoni and get a half o’ sheet
I always wanted abs, but, dang it, I like to eat (Eat, eat, eat)
Eat, eat, eat and feed (Ayy-o)
There for lunch, breakfast, dinner (Bonjour Papi!)

[Interlude 2: Andy Mineo] Imagine just hearin’ this
others laugh
Out a window
That’s great
In Japan

[Verse 3] Yeah
They used to laugh ’cause I ain’t have the Jordans
‘Cause I took all my cash and I put that in recordin’
And even though I had a stash, I knew I could afford them (Ha)
Never care about the Flash, guess I care more about Gordon
Whether first class or if I’m in the tourists
I always feel the same ’cause I know what’s more important
Who I am when I’m home, not who I am when I’m tourin’
Now that I’m gettin’ grown, my homies gettin’ divorces
Don’t happen all at once, combinations and choices
Who you keep in your circle, who you sit at your boy’s is
And when they call you out, do you try to avoid ’em?
Or they try to slow you down but you keep goin’ forward?
And you can show the way, ain’t no way you could force ’em
‘Cause then they take your love and mistake it for poison
Am I wastin’ breath? I don’t know anymore, man
Lord, we need direction, would You send the coordinates?

[Outro] I wanna be, uh
Happy, happy, happy, happy, joy, joy
Uh-huh, uh-uh
Happy, happy, joy, joy
But right now, all I hear is the noise-noise
Come holla at your boy, boy, alright
Oh, oh-oh, ooh-ooh

[Interlude 3] Hey
This is [?] to Andy
They don’t know my name and
They don’t know my songs
[?] this thing around
Snoop Dogg thinks he’s cool
You see, he looks like my old beagle that I had
Snoopy, Snoopy, Snoopy, Snoopy, Snoopy dog

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