Download Mp3 The Greatest Tool for The Coming Revival With APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN

Download Mp3 The Greatest Tool for The Coming Revival With Apostle Joshua Selman

You must prioritize your relationship with God. Not only is it the power to remain relevant in God’s agenda, it is also your system of preservation.

Setting aside time to pray and fast, asking God to search your heart and prune your tendencies as He uses you is a noble cause, nobler than praying against demons or praying for blessings. It will take more than anointing to lift the name of Jesus up, but rather a broken and a contrite heart. Our language as believers in this end time era must be the language of mercy. (Psalm 51)

The default heart condition of every human has the capacity for every ungodly and evil act. These tendencies are revealed when the right scenarios present themselves. It is unwise to boast of victory over the flesh when you have not faced and overcome lofty positions and situations.

Situations and challenges reveal our tendencies and weaknesses as men. You must not be quick to judge people’s actions because our own tendencies are not known when we have not been confronted by certain challenges.
The intrinsic state of man is full of sinful and vicious tendencies waiting to be unveiled. And to seek to tame the flesh without God’s assistance is an effort in futility.
No man, unassisted by the spirit is able to gain complete victory over the flesh. God has provided a system for believers to overcome the flesh and wicked tendencies.


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