DOWNLOAD Mp3: The Days of His Power by Apostle Joshua SELMAN (13th Nov,2022)

The Days of His Power

DOWNLOAD: The Days of His Power by Apostle Joshua SELMAN

Three Areas Satan attacks in a Believer’s life:
I. Knowledge of the true God.
II. The efficiency of a teaching Priest.
III. The appetite for order and decorum in a Believer’s life.
The Blessings of God are manifested in a Believer’s life when access is granted to:
I. The Spirit of Truth.
II. God’s Word.
III. A Teaching Priest.
Genuine freedom in Christ comes through the sound communication of the Word of God.
It is this knowledge that preserves the miracles made available in Christ.
Possibilities in the realm of the Spirit are at the mercy of the power of God at work in the life of a Believer.
A generation that ignores the power of God is a generation that will limit God’s purposes from coming to pass.