DownloadMp3: Thanksgiving And Impartation Service By APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN

Thanksgiving And Impartation Service

Download Mp3: Thanksgiving And Impartation Service By Apostle Joshua Selman

Five Prophetic Instructions for Koinonia and The Body of Christ
1. Give yourself continually to the Word and prayer. (Acts 6:4, 1Timothy 4:15-16)
It is your responsibility to dissuade men from doubting the validity of God’s Word.
2. Invest in your health and your well-being (Rest). Genesis 2:2-3, Mark 4:37-38.
Rest is a gift that comes from God; Find rest even in the midst of storms. Invest in your health as a commitment to your longevity. (Psalm 127:2).
3. Invest in building and maintaining your relationships. (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)
Relationships are advantageous connections. The power of relationships is one of the dominion systems in this Kingdom.
It is pertinent to give back and sow into destiny relationships.
Giving to destiny relationships is not limited to financial resources; you may also contribute love, thoughtfulness, generosity, and other intangible virtues to destiny connections.
4. Embark on an end-of-year retreat (Personal retreat). Isaiah 40:28-31
A retreat is an anti-dote for spiritual deterioration. It is a time set apart to be with The Lord to obtain renewal, direction and fresh empowerment.
5 . Share the love of Jesus to all around you.
(Romans 10:15, Daniel 12:3)
You share the love of Jesus by preaching the gospel and by giving.