Stuck In My Head by Riley Clemmons Video Live (Lyrics)

Official Live Performance Video for “Stuck Inside My Head (Single Mix)” by Riley Clemmons


Stuck in my head by Riley Clemmons Lyrics:

Like a song I’ve heard
One too many times
Like the same old movie
You’re always gonna make me cry

Just pain and trouble
With a good disguise
Tryna start a fire
Tryna steal my light

All you ever did was hold me back
So now, I’m never ever coming back
But why, tell me why

You’re stuck inside my head
And I just can’t get you out
You’re in my head
I would rather think of anything instead
I try to fight it but it’s you
It always you
You’re stuck inside my head

Like an old bad habit
That I finally beat
Used to have to have it
But now I’m finally free

Like a lessoned learned
Another memory
Yeah, you left a burn
But it’s reminding me

Maybe it’ll just take time
For me to leave the past behind
But I’m going to get you off of my mind
Because I know that I got
Better things to think about
Than all the ways you dragged me down
But right here in this moment all I know is that I gotta know why

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