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Shirley Caesar – He Won’t Fail You MP3 DOWNLOAD & Lyrics

Shirley Caesar – He Won’t Fail You MP3 DOWNLOAD & Lyrics

Foreign Gospel Songs Artist Shirley Caesar releases powerful worship songs titled “He Won’t Fail You” that will bless you in a great way and refresh your soul.
This song is available on all Digital Music Distribution outlets worldwide, and also you can get it here on Impacttunes.
Listen & Download “He Won’t Fail You Mp3 Download” by Shirley Caesar Below:-


The (Gospel Song) you are about to listen to is highly inspired by the leading of the Holyspirit through his servant to bless you. We have seen the Future! I can see the whole world worshipping this JESUS!
The earth must be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the seas. This is my dream! A worship atmosphere of this magnitude and even more! The glory of the latter shall surpass the former. (Psalm 66:4)

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[Verse 1] I bring you good news
That God will see you through
And he won’t (no he won’t) fail you (fail you)
From my childhood to right now
He been a [?] a friend of mine mine mine mine
(oh he won’t) And he never failed me (fail you)
Try it times I’ve had but my good old ways outweigh my bad
And he never (oh he won’t) oh lord (fail you)
You know what else? Listen
Inspired your circumstance
He’s a god of another chance
He never (oh he won’t) he won’t fail (fail you) yes

[Chorus] (oh just keep the faith)
Oh just keep the faith
(never cease to pray)
And just stand on [?] (oh don’t you worry)
Don’t you worry no more
(and don’t you fret)
He’s a God that’ll never leave you
So just take him at his world

[Verse 2] Man will make you promises then he cannot keep
But you know what I found out that he won’t (no he won’t) fail You (fail you)
Listen, he did not fail my mother oh, when my father died
And he won’t fail you (no he won’t) no he won’t (fail you)
I got one more thing
Like she had pain in my back and the pain was so severe
But you know what he didn’t fail you (oh he won’t)
Hallelujah (fail you)
The doctor say, on a scale from 1 to 10
So what is your pain, I said zero, he didn’t fail me
(oh he won’t) Hallelujah (fail you) oh hallelujah

[Chorus] (Oh just keep the faith)
Oh keep the faith my friend
(never cease to pray)
Never stop praying but stand on his only word, yes
(oh don’t you worry)
Don’t you worry
(and don’t you fret)
But the [?] that I’m singing about he’ll never, never fail you oh

[Outro] He won’t (he won’t) he won’t fail you (fail you)
I heard him I heard him say I’ll be with you (he won’t)
[?] (fail you)
I know you know something about pain (he won’t)
Oh he won’t (fail you), but he didn’t fail you, I know he didn’t, yes (fail you)
He is an all knowing God (he won’t) hey (fail you)
He’s a God that’s always [?] (he won’t) I know what I’m talking About (fail you)
When, when, when they wanna [?] (he won’t) yes (fail you)
[?] He won’t fail me (he won’t) [?] (fail you)
The god of my church (he won’t) [?] (fail you) Hallelujah
And I want everybody to know that he won’t fail you
(he won’t) he won’t fail he won’t fail he won’t fail (fail you)
[?] I’ll be with you (he won’t) I’ll never forsake you (fail you)
Oh, oh yeah (he won’t) fail you (fail you)

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