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Save Us by Lecrae ft. 1K Phew Mp3 Download

Lecrae ft. 1K Phew – Save Us MP3 DOWNLOAD

Foreign Gospel Songs Artist Lecrae ft. 1K Phew release powerful worship songs titled “Save Us” that will bless you in a great way and refresh your soul.

This song is available on all Digital Music Distribution outlets worldwide, and also you can get it here on Impacttunes.

Listen & Download “Save Us Mp3 Download” by Lecrae ft. 1K Phew Below:-


The (Gospel Song) you are about to listen to is highly inspired by the leading of the Holyspirit through his servant to bless you. We have seen the Future! I can see the whole world worshipping this JESUS!

The earth must be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the seas. This is my dream! A worship atmosphere of this magnitude and even more! The glory of the latter shall surpass the former. (Psalm 66:4)

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[Intro WHATUPRG] I’m sorry
I started the same drugs
No church in a while (Save us, save us)
No church in a while (Save us, save us)
Save us, save us (Oh-oh, oh-oh)
Save us, save us (Oh, oh-oh)
Save us, save us (Oh-oh, oh-oh)
Save us, save us

[Verse 1: Lecrae] Invested so much in this game, I’m just wonderin’ where’s all my profits? Huh? Ha
They tryna bait me with hate and false prophets, I’m weighin’ my options
Should I stay or just stop? I’m poppin’, I know He ain’t sent to talk ’bout my watches
‘Bout my houses and four-car garages
I lie on my bed, prayin’ face up
With my eyes open, hopin’ He say somethin’ (Please)
Yeah, tripled the price in a week (Week)
Spirit is willin’, my flesh feelin’ weak (Weak)
Clocks on my wall and I still can’t get sleep
‘Cause I keep seein’ people get killed in the streets
I got my pride on a leash
Life on a lease, I’ve been dodgin’ the beast
Sex, money, man, am I fightin’ for peace?
Please send Your angels to watch over me

[Chorus: Hulvey] Save us
Whenever I fall alseep, Father, wake us, uh
Gotta be more than dreams, won’t You save us
Mercy unfold
Heaven’s an open door

[Verse 2: 1K Phew] Hey, [?] like [?] I took the keys out the janitor’s car (I took the keys)
It was me, you can call the police
I know I’ll be set free, if they cuff me about it (It was me)
On the way to the jail, He reroute it
Came home to my family, they seen me, then shouted (What they said?)
Hallelujah, they thought it was over (Yeah)
Spend a night in the swamp with the ogre (Shrek)
When they try you and talk to you vulgar
Walkin’ through life, I’m tryna get new balance
I rolled the dice and took too many chances (Hey)
Hand on the Bible, it might come in handy (Handy)
Life is not fair but I got cotton candy (That’s the game)
My life is new, I can’t throw it away (Ain’t no lie)
Mercy rainin’ on me, they complainin’ on me
While I’m drippin’ in grace (God, save me)
Lord, save us

[Chorus: Hulvey] Save us (Save us)
Whenever I fall alseep, Father, wake us (Wake us), uh
Gotta be more than dreams, won’t You save us
Mercy unfold (Mercy unfold)
Heaven’s an open door (Heaven and open door)

[Verse 3: Hulvey & WHATUPRG] Finally free, I got the keys
Closer to Heaven when I’m on my knees
Heart on my sleeve, pardon my steez
Fightin’ my demons, I walk with a lean
Dodgin’ the brick, fallin’ like Eve
It ain’t a seed in my family tree
Runnin’ our fleet, confess and relieve
This ain’t lil holy, it’s WHATUPRG
Guidin’ my soul, walkin’ on go
Last an eternity back in my zone
In with the new, out with the old
Praise to the Holy One up on the throne
It’s for the heart, it’s for the soul
Why would I rap ’bout the things that I own?
I gotta walk what I talk, it ain’t wrong
Hop out the grave and I’m rollin’ the stone

[Chorus: Hulvey & WHATUPRG] Save us
Whenever I fall alseep, Father, wake us, uh
Gotta be more than dreams, won’t You save us
Mercy unfold
Heaven and open door

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