[NEWS] Preye Orok Announces New Album “Mercy” Release Date


Preye Orok, a leading Nigerian gospel music female singer and songwriter, has set Saturday, September 4th, 2021 as the official release date for her fresh new album project titled “Mercy.”

“When the Lord mandates a thing, it surely comes to pass,” Preye said of the project. This is the seas“One who, despite our flaws, never abandons us; instead, his love overwhelms us on a regular basis.

God’s nature, character, and trait is “mercy.” – she goes on.

“For we are not consumed because of the Lord’s mercies. Remember, if you are alive, you are a Carrier of God’s love; His gentle mercies cover everything of His work.” – Orok comes to a conclusion.

This body of work is packed with vitality and professional touch, as a result of over four(4) years of experience in the gospel music industry, evolving and making amazing music.

Orok gives up this 13-track album project, wrapped in thankfulness, God’s Love, and Mercy. Orok is known and acknowledged as one of the top female vocalists whose passion and drive for souls is unyielding.

This new project is a follow-up to her most recent music single, “Nara Ekele,” which is taken from her upcoming “Mercy” album project.

GreenWorks Studios, SunnyPee, Manuz, and Bishop collaborated on the new album’s production, mixing, and mastering.

on which we’ve all been waiting for.

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