Download Songs Mp3 Moses Bliss Bigger Everyday

Download Songs Mp3 Moses Bliss Bigger Everyday

Download Songs Mp3 Moses Bliss – Bigger Everyday

Download Songs Mp3 Moses Bliss – Bigger every day. “Moses Bliss,” a Too Faithful crooner, has maintained a steady stream of mind-blowing, spirit-filled tunes. Following the success of his song “You I Live For,” which provided hope, faith, and encouragement to millions of people, the artist has released a new single called “Bigger Everyday,” which features Festizie, Membrane, Uwa, Chris Heavens, and Temple.

This is a song about personal confession and declaring what you want to see in the world. It’s not only anointed, but it’s also with a catchy beat that’ll have you dancing and confessing joyfully into your life.

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Bigger Everyday Lyrics by Moses Bliss

I have Jesus in my life
Living for his glory
I’m on fire everyday
And nothing can stop me
Doesn’t matter what I face
I am getting bigger everyday, Everyday.
We’re getting bigger everyday
Bigger everyday
We’re getting bigger everyday
Bigger everyday
No limitations
We’ve taken over
We’re getting bigger everyday

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

When we step in the arena is a banger
Silence the voice if failure we make success louder oh
Bigger than bigger, we’re bigger
And it’s realer than real
And we are on fire
And this is the life that we chose
We balling in the Holy Ghost
Higher we go
We will never stop oh
There’s a spirit that’s alive in me
The spirit of the Lord
And it’s taking me to levels me
I’ve never been before
I gat joy like a river
Chopping life like a pizza
Cos I’m bigger, bigger
Bigger bigger bigger yeah.
We know who we are
We are born of God oh
We know what to do
We are the future
I’m unstoppable
I’m the fourth man
I’m like a city
That is set upon the hill top

Upward and forward oh
We are on fire oh
We are on fire oh
Nothing can stop us oh
They cannot stand us oh
We are on fire
Oh oh oh oh oh

I function by his grace
Winning all the way
Shining everywhere
Getting brighter everyday
See the lines are fallen
Into pleasant places for me, for me

I’m getting bigger
Everyday I’m a giver
Pastor Chris na my father
So I say to the pain is over

Not by power, not by might
But by the Spirit of the living God oh
Anything is possible
Bigger than we used to be
We have moved
I say we have moved

We’re getting bigger, bigger, bigger
No limitations
We getting biggerrrr

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