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Download PDF || All MORRIS CERULLO Books (Ebooks & MOBI)

All || MORRIS CERULLO Books  – Download 

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Magog Strikes Jerusalem – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
Israel_ The Storm Before the Calm – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
Israel_ The Blessing and the Curse – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
Is It God’s Will to Heal You Today – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
How to Take the Limits Off God – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
How to Prosper in the Current Financial Crisis – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
How to Pray – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
How to Have the Power of God – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
God’s Master Plan of the Ages – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
God Uses Ordinary People to Do Extraordinary – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
God Has a Plan for Your Life – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
Armageddon and the New Millennium – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
Your Turning Point – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
You Can Know How to Defeat Satan – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
Warriors Who Touched the Heart of God Th – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
Upon Wings as an Eagle  A Guide to Spirit – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
Two Men From Eden – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
The Secret Power of Speaking-Gods Word Joyce Meyer DOWNLOAD
The-Holy-Spirit-in-the-Now-II-Oral-Roberts DOWNLOAD
The New Proof Producers – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
The Four Horsemen – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
The New Proof Producers – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
The Last Great Anointing – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
The Messiah – Sequel to Two Men From Eden – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
The Jewish Temple Will Rise Once Again – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
The Fall of Babylon – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
The Beasts of Revelation – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
Praying Your Loved Ones into the Kingdom – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
Morris Cerullo The Post Rapture DOWNLOAD
Demolishing Demonic Strongholds – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
Morris Cerullo – The Miracle Book DOWNLOAD
Morris Cerullo – The Last Great Wealth Transfer DOWNLOAD
Talking God’s Power DOWNLOAD
Morris Cerullo – Supernatural Eyesight DOWNLOAD
From Judaism to Christianity -Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
Morris Cerullo – Revelation Healing Power DOWNLOAD
Morris Cerullo – One Demon Spirit DOWNLOAD
Morris Cerullo – Nuclear Holocaust of Revelation DOWNLOAD
Giving and Receiving – Morris Cerullo DOWNLOAD
Morris Cerullo – Jeshua Hamashiah DOWNLOAD
Morris Cerullo- Making Possible Your Impossibilities DOWNLOAD


  • Dr. Morris Cerullo is a world-renowned evangelist and the president of Morris Cerullo World Evangelism, which was founded in 1961.
  • He has been traveling to the developing nations of the world for over seven decades. He has ministered in 93 nations, in over 400 cities, on 7 continents, where he has ministered to millions. He has dedicated his life to helping hurting people and currently travels more than 250,000 miles every year to minister healing and salvation to the world.

The Early Days

  • Dr. Morris Cerullo was raised in a Jewish Orthodox orphanage in New Jersey until the age of 14 1/2 when he gave his life to Christ.
  • By 15 years old he was preaching three to four times per week in local churches. At 17 years old, he received a scholarship and graduated from the the New York Metropolitan Bible School in Suffern, New York. He also holds two honorary doctorates from Florida Beacon College and Oral Roberts University.
  • After eight years of ministry, he went on his first overseas missions trip to Greece, and his international ministry was born.

The Vision to Reach the World

  • Morris realized that the key to reaching the world was to train Nationals to reach their own people. This vision and specific call from God has resulted in millions of Christian ministers being raised up to reach their nations.
  • He has accomplished this goal by conducting Schools of Ministry around the world. Nationals with a heart to learn and lead come to be trained so that they can then go on to impact the lives of others through the ministering of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Love for Israel

  • For over 56 consecutive years, Dr. Cerullo has traveled to the Holy Land with a passion for God’s chosen people.
  • In 1967, God spoke to Dr. Cerullo and said, “Son, now is the time to turn your eyes to the Middle East and begin to work for My people, Israel.”
  • In 1968, Dr. Cerullo began his first campaign of reaching out to the Jewish population in Israel.
  • In 1970, he launched a radio ministry that reached millions in nine surrounding nations.
  • In 1975, he developed a TV special, Masada, which won three Golden Globe awards and generated 200,000 responses.
  • In the early 1980s, Dr. Cerullo produced and aired three television specials from historic sites in Israel.
  • Dr. Cerullo continues to travel to Israel every year, ministering the Good News of Jesus. He also provides assistance to churches and ministries so that they can expand their outreach and continue ministering to those in Israel.


  • Dr. Cerullo has been presented with the key to San Diego and other cities in America, as well as having received letters of recognition for the work he has done in America and foreign countries, from mayors, presidents, and other governmental leaders.
  • He also received the Lifetime Global Impact Award in May 2015. This prestigious award was presented by Oral Roberts University president, Dr. William Wilson, and Assemblies of God general superintendent, Dr. George Wood, at the Empowered21 Global Congress, in Jerusalem, Israel.


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