Download Song Inakwana By Levi Kure

Inakwana By Levi Kure

Download Song Inakwana By Levi Kure

“Inakwana” is a hausa word that means “good morning” in English language. The song is an expression of recognition of the grace of God to be alive each day.The song brings to fore the significance of quiet time as a Christian routine devotion.The Bible says in John 1:12 that all those who accept Jesus have the right to be children of God.

Thus, God expects every son and daughter to relate with Him each morning like we relate with our earthly parents when we awake each day by greeting them. This was the way Jesus lived and succeeded when He was on earth – Mark 1:35.

A Christian should not just start his or her day just like that without first relating with the Father (GOD). Therefore, this song (inakwana) is a song God has given us to help us start our day with a kind of Spiritual wormnt that will set the right tone for success each day. I am sure that this song will be a blessing to whoever listen to it, click the download link and enjoy it.
Compliment of the season.