Download Song: Ronke Onishile – Ore Ofe [Mp3]

Ore Ofe [Audio] by Ronke Onishile, a gospel music minister and evangelist residing in the United Kingdom, has released a new record titled “Ore fé,” which means “Grace” in Yoruba.
Ronke Onishile is an evangelist whose mission is to bring the gospel of salvation and divine healing to the lost souls of the world through Jesus Christ. Ronke Onishile Ministry is her creation. She is also called to open-air outreaches to Muslims in the United Kingdom and Nigeria, as a Street Evangelist, planting the seed of God’s Word in songs and words.

“I had watched the Passion of the Christ movie many years ago, probably 13 years ago, and I never would have guessed I would have a cause to work with it,” Ronke said of her latest project’s motivation.

I started writing this song, ore fé, about the time I graduated from university, which was years before the film was released. I could only come up with the chorus, and it happened to be my first attempt at writing a Yoruba song.”

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