Download: Prophetess – A’dam & Friends [Album]

A’dam & Friends [Album]

A’dam, a recording artist on the Spaghetti Records label, has released one of the most uniquely original music scores ever created for a Nollywood film and album titled, “PROPHETESS.”

With the help of Tyanx and Tolu Obanro, the songwriter and artist were able to successfully develop and recreate a total of fifteen songs. The Prophetess album contains the songs ‘Intro’, ‘Emi Mimo’, ‘Oro’, ‘The Ambience’, ‘Elo Rahmah’, ‘Ego’, ‘Kpere Sintingele’, ‘Alagbara’, ‘Ti mo ba F’owokan’, ‘Ti mo ba F’owokan (remix)’, ‘Eke Eh Eh E

A’dam also includes performances by a variety of artists, including Evelyn Law, James Adebayo, Tolu Aderemi, O’tobi, Kris Grant, and Dea Barry, who help to breathe life and atmosphere into a true Nigerian story.

Nigerian filmmaker, director, and media consultant, Niyi Akinmolayan, conceived and directed Prophetess, which premiered in April 2021 on the Nollywood film festival circuit.

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