Download Music: The Great I Am | Prosper Ochimana [Mp3 + Lyrics]

Prospers a Nigerian Songwriter, Worshipper, releases a powerful worship tune titled The Great I Am.

Powerful song of the spirit describing the alsomeness of how great is God.

Listen, Share, Download below and be #Blessed.


[Verse 1] I’ve seen the God of wonders
Doing mighty things
Healing the oppressed
Setting captives free
He’s the lily of the valley
The bright and morning star
The ruler of all nation
The great and mighty one
Heaven and earth adore him
Angels bow before him
He’s the mighty breasted one
The great I am

[Pre-Chorus] He is the great I am
Nobody like him
He is the great I am
He’s holy and mighty lord
He is the great I am
The great I am
He is the great I am
He is the great I am

[Chorus] {You are the great I am} [x8]

[Verse 2] {The heavens declare
Your great and mighty power} [x2] You’re greater than the greatest
You’re mightier than the mightiest
You’re stronger than the strongest
Better than the best
{You’re better than the best} [x4]

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3] All creation bow and worship
To give all the praise and glory
To you
You are alpha and omega
The first and the last
Lion and the lamb (Yeah, the lion and the Lamb)
You are the soon coming King
Redeemer, of my soul
Lifter of my head (lifter of my head)

[Repeat Chorus]

Title: The Great I Am
Size: 9MB
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