Oruko To Tobi

Oruko to Tobi is and that reminds people of what this name alone can do. No controversy, the name of Jesus Christ only can save and work wonders.

While the storms of life are raging and it looksa powerful song that portrays the might and power in the name of Jesus  like all hope is lost; there’s a place of refuge and a name to call upon (The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it and are saved. (proverbs 18:10.)

When we are down in the valley of life, and we’re desperately in need of help, there’s a father crying out loud and saying {Mathew 11:28 NLT).

Are you tired, worn out; come to me I’ll recover your life, I’ll show you how to get a rest. No other power can save, no other name can deliver, set free, nor work true wonders.

At the mention of this name, sickness flees, barrenness disappears, demons tremble, Miracles happen, poverty ceases, and wonders break forth.

What exactly are you in need of; just call on HIM today (psalm 34:5)(John 6:37b)He’s the resurrection and life, Let every other name fade away [Philippians 2:8-9]}.

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