Download Music: Abba Father | Chris Morgan [Mp3 + Lyrics]

Chris Morgan Ochogwu is an award winning African gospel Singer, Songwriter, Composer and Performer, who has been in full time worship ministry since 2005.

His songs Abba father is one of this powerful songs that God uses to announces him. A song burn out of passion and hunger for God.

God is our Abba, our present help in time of need.

Listen, Share, Download below and be blessed. 

[Chorus] {Abba father,
Hallowed be your name} [x4]

[Verse 1] When I call, you hear me
You wipe away all my tears
Your steadfast love surrounds me
Your loving kindness
Won’t let me go

In green pastures
You made me lie down
My Elshadai
Abba father,
Abba father,

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2] Like a new born baby
(New born baby)
I depend on you (depend on you)
Ah thirst for you (thirst for you)
I delight myself in you

God of all flesh
God of all people
Nothing’s too hard for you
God of all flesh
God of all people
Nothing’s too difficult for you
Abba father,
Abba father

[Repeat Chorus]

[Bridge] {Abba father,
Hallowed be your name} [x2] {You are worthy
Hallowed be your name} [x2]

[Outro] {Abba father,
Hallowed be your name} [Loop]

Title: Abba Father
Size: 14MB

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