DOWNLOAD: KJ-52 – Glory To God [Mp3]

KJ-52 – Glory To God

God Bless You [MP4] KJ-52 – Glory to God With the official video of his mind-blowing new track, “Glory to God,” KJ-52 welcomes the world to the glory of God.

KJ-52, who won two Doves Awards, created the song “Glory to God” with Poetics, the producer who has been in the studio with KJ-52 for many years, as the first single on the upcoming album, KJ-52 vs. Jonah. The video for the single depicts the internal struggle we have between who we want to be and who we really are. The song “KJ-52’s” is now the walkout song for UFC fighter Niko “The Hybrid” Price.

The song “Glory to God” was released in February of 2021 as the second song on KJ-52’s second album, which was supported by a Kickstarter campaign. a year ago, the first song off of the new album, which was released in February, made its premiere.