Download: [EP] Obulu (Thank You) – Paulamina

Paulamina, a multi-talented Nigerian gospel singer and recording artist, has released a new EP titled “Obulu.”

“It’s a fact that the only thing that is constant on our planet is change,” Paula says. The world changes every day – sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst.”

“However, change is unavoidable. It may take some time for people to embrace the change, but in the end, it is always best for them to become acquainted with the change as soon as possible.” – she says.

In addition to her current album, “Born Great,” Pauline Ehbodaghe (actual name) formerly known as “Pauline” is a member of The Jacket Crew, a group of musicians who put on one of the best live music performances. Obulu is a five-track EP project.

Paula’s originality and musical experience are reflected in the new EP songs, which more than make up for the album’s overall quality.


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