Download Double: No Be My Head + Sing O – Sammie Tall

Sammie Tall, a Nigerian gospel music singer and composer residing in the United Kingdom, has released a new double-single titled “No Be My Head” and “Sing O.”

“No be My Head,” Sammie says, is a song God gave me in my dreams from Isaiah 54:17, which states, “No weapon made against me shall prosper.”

“Whatever satan has planned for my head, it will not come to pass.” Shame on all the kakabiaka and kokobioko [a term coined to describe those who plot your demise for no apparent reason].

They want to drag you down, not be your head, because of your happiness and success. Whom the Lord has bestowed blessings. “No one has the power to curse.” – he says towards the end.

Sammie, whose actual name is Samuel Ediagbonya, is a Nigerian who was born in the city of Benin in the state of Edo.

No Be My Head
Download Below
Sing On Sammie
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