Download Album: The Inside | Odogwu [Mp3 Download]

What we see was not made out of things which are visible.(Hebrews 11:3b)
Nothing in the kingdom is done for fun but for a purpose.
So the purpose of this album is not just about good sound or rhythm but to expose us to valuable ingredients that are not visible but invisible (resides in us) and has the capacity to create what we want to see on the outside.
God told me this is going to be a vaccine to all men…
Remain bless as you listen.

1. Title: I Know
[ddownload id=”3884″]

2. Cheerful Givers
[ddownload id=”3888″]

3. Odogwu
[ddownload id=”3887″]

4. Pray
[ddownload id=”3877″]

5. Grateful Ft Ochai
[ddownload id=”3882″]

6. Truth
[ddownload id=”3878″]

7. Inside
[ddownload id=”3885″]

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