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Dag Heward-Mills – Loyalty and Disloyalty DOWNLOAD
Dag Heward-Mills – The Sweet Influences Of The Holy Spirit DOWNLOAD
Why Non-tithing Christians Become Poor – Dag Heward-Mills DOWNLOAD
Transform Your Pastoral Ministry – Dag Heward-Mills DOWNLOAD
Those Who Forget – Dag Heward-Mills DOWNLOAD
The Stages of Disloyalty DOWNLOAD
The Laws of Loyalty DOWNLOAD
The Art of Shepherding – Dag Heward-Mills DOWNLOAD
The Art of Leadership – Dag Heward-Mills DOWNLOAD
The Art of Hearing – Dag Heward-Mills DOWNLOAD
Quiet Time(School of The Word) by Dag Heward Mills DOWNLOAD
Opportunities – Dag Heward-Mills DOWNLOAD
Name It! Claim It! Take It! – Dag Heward-Mills DOWNLOAD
Model Marriage – Dag Heward-Mills DOWNLOAD
Ministering With Signs and Wond – Dag Heward-Mills DOWNLOAD
Life and Loyalty DOWNLOAD
How to Test Loyalty DOWNLOAD
How To Make Your Faith Works Hewards Mills DOWNLOAD
Good Assistants and Bad Assista – Dag Heward-Mills DOWNLOAD
Formula For Humility DOWNLOAD
Forgiveness Made Easy DOWNLOAD
FAQs on Marriage and Relationship DOWNLOAD
Excellence in Leadership – Dag Heward-Mills DOWNLOAD
Duality – Dag Heward-Mills DOWNLOAD
Demons and how to deal with the – Dag Heward-Mills DOWNLOAD
Daughter Get Understanding – Dag Heward-Mills DOWNLOAD
Dag Heward-Mills- Pastoral Ministry DOWNLOAD
100% Answered Prayer – Dag Heward-Mills DOWNLOAD
All About Fornication – Dag Heward-Mills DOWNLOAD
All About Fornication – Dag Heward-Mills DOWNLOAD
Aspersions – Dag Heward-Mills DOWNLOAD
Backsliding – Dag Heward-Mills DOWNLOAD
Bearing Fruit After Your Own Kind – Dag Heward-Mills DOWNLOAD
Born Again – Dag Heward-Mills DOWNLOAD
Catch the Anointing – Dag Heward-Mills DOWNLOAD
Church_Growth Dag_Heward-M DOWNLOAD
Dag Heward-Mills – Fathers And Loyalty DOWNLOAD

Dag Heward-Mills Biography

  • Dag Heward-Mills is an African Evangelist, Pastor, Author, and Conference speaker based in Accra, Ghana. He is the founder and Presiding Bishop of the United Denomination Originating from the Lighthouse Group Of Churches (UD-OLGC).
  • Benjamin Teiko AryeeteyHe is also the founder of the Anagkazo Bible and Ministry Training Center (ABMTC) located at Mampong in the Eastern Region of Ghana.
  • Dag Heward-Mills serves on the board of Directors of Church Growth International and the Pentecostal World Fellowship.
  • Dag Heward-Mills was born on 14th May 1963 to a Swiss mother and Ghanaian father (Nathaniel and Elizabeth Heward-Mills) in London, United Kingdom. He moved with his family soon after his birth to Accra Ghana and has spent his entire life in Ghana.
  • Benjamin Teiko AryeeteyHe was converted to Christianity while having his secondary education at Achimota School. He joined Christian youth campaigns such as the Scripture Union as well as the Calvary Road Singers (which later became Harvest Chapel International) immediately after his conversion.
  • He proceeded to the University of Ghana Medical School, where he was trained as a medical doctor. He started the Light House Chapel International while still a student in Medical school, having felt a strong call of God to start a church. In his fifth year of Medical School, Dag started the church in a little classroom in the School of Hygiene, Korle-Bu, with no more than 15 members.
  • Benjamin Teiko AryeeteyAmidst persecutions in various forms and with his academic work demanding time and effort, Dag saw this little church grow until it now filled the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital Canteen.
  • Dag Heward-Mills met his wife Adelaide who was, at the time of his education in the University of Ghana, a law student. After a few years of courtship, they married in 1990 and have been married for more than 25 years with four children; David, Joshua, Daniella, and Paula.
  • Lady Reverend Adelaide Heward-Mills supports Bishop Dag in his vision to win souls, plant churches, and raise leaders. She speaks in women’s and young peoples’ conferences all over the world.
  • Adelaide Heward-Mills has been involved in Christian ministry all of her adult life and has served alongside her husband, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, throughout their entire marriage. As an insightful speaker, she draws heavily from her education and background in law.
  • She serves as Executive Director of the Daughter You Can Make it Ministry. She also speaks across the country on women’s roles in supporting their husbands, and she is in demand by women’s organizations throughout the nation as a celebrated speaker on issues concerning marriage and family.
  • With echoes of her husband’s preaching style, Mrs. Heward-Mills boldly challenges women to serve as blessings to their husbands and families.


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