Bizzle – The Messenger Returns MP3 DOWNLOAD

Bizzle – The Messenger Returns MP3 DOWNLOAD

Foreign Gospel Songs Artist Bizzle releases powerful worship songs titled “The Messenger Returns” that will bless you in a great way and refresh your soul.
This song is available on all Digital Music Distribution outlets worldwide, and also you can get it here on Impacttunes.
Listen & Download “The Messenger Returns Mp3 Download” by Bizzle Below:-


The (Gospel Song) you are about to listen to is highly inspired by the leading of the Holyspirit through his servant to bless you. We have seen the Future! I can see the whole world worshipping this JESUS!
The earth must be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the seas. This is my dream! A worship atmosphere of this magnitude and even more! The glory of the latter shall surpass the former. (Psalm 66:4)
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Lyrics: The Messenger Returns by Bizzle

[Intro] Yeah
It’s been a minute right
God Over Money, ah
Welcome to The Messenger 4, Bizzle

[Verse] Ever since I started dropping it they doubted it, it was knockin’ my style
Said I’m too dominate or rhyming, it’s just tryna get clout
I put my time in this, I’m confident that I am His child
They said I’m not of God, I’m finding out they not with Him now
I went at JAY, I went at Ross, I went at Ye on records
Who knew one day that me and Ye would sound the same on records
I know they hate our message, but can’t escape our methods
I drop A-time bombs, napalm flame on records
I ain’t pursue this, who knew this music would do what it would
I was so new to this, but through it keep it true as I could
I don’t embellish it to sell em’, won’t finesse it to win
Long as He bless it, I’ll forever be a threat with a pen
Never suppress the message just to make a secular friend
I put that pressure on they neck and disrespected they trends
But I ain’t never pretend like I was perfect
Too many verses confessing my sin, for me to ever condemn
I screamed “God over money” and He made it a thing
I found some riders down to squad up and we made it a team
So many hated on me, saying, “Just wait and you’ll see
His little fifteen seconds of fame’ll fade in a week”
But God favor on me, see, I could flex but I won’t
Okay I try, but oh my God, this fifteen seconds been long
I know it’s petty but, bro
That was like three-hundred-fifteen-million-three-hundred-sixty-thousand seconds ago
I’m still here

[Outro] Hahaha! No, but fo’ real, though
To God be all the glory, ten years fully independent
Putting God over money
Here’s to the next ten in Jesus’ name

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