Bizzle – Crazy / No Enemies MP3 DOWNLOAD

Bizzle – Crazy / No Enemies MP3 DOWNLOAD

Foreign Gospel Songs Artist Bizzle releases powerful worship songs titled “Crazy / No Enemies” that will bless you in a great way and refresh your soul.
This song is available on all Digital Music Distribution outlets worldwide, and also you can get it here on Impacttunes.
Listen & Download “Crazy / No Enemies Mp3 Download” by Bizzle Below:-


The (Gospel Song) you are about to listen to is highly inspired by the leading of the Holyspirit through his servant to bless you. We have seen the Future! I can see the whole world worshipping this JESUS!
The earth must be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the seas. This is my dream! A worship atmosphere of this magnitude and even more! The glory of the latter shall surpass the former. (Psalm 66:4)
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Lyrics: Crazy / No Enemies by Bizzle

[Bizzle:] Feeling like I’m living in the middle of a war zone
Spiritually, mentally, but they don’t know the wars’ on
Never knew you to let the devil into your home
How you wanna let him in it, televeision or phone
We stuck in a matrix
We running around with sin and loving at seeing how much we can play with
Wanna get close to her saying you won’t do it
Thought you was in control it was nothing but dope music
Man stuck and it’s all you ain’t wanted to go to
And now you wondering why you be on what you been on
Doing the most, your thoughts don’t want to do what you want them to
Can’t get you head clear cause for the last 10 years all you heard was
Pack the ratchet then you clap it
Zip a cat in plastic mash em’ in a casket
If you get you a stack, a bad chick, you can have it
And by the way
Pop a pill in you so you don’t feel the kill in you

[Jered Sanders:] Crazy
They wonder why we so crazy
They wonder why we so crazy
They wonder why we so crazy, crazy

[Bizzle:] Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or IG
Let’s see what I can do to get em’ all to like me
Put a pic up in a thong and men will fall to like me
Get enough followers you’re a model, bravo
We live a lie with an enterprise built upon it
Well not a lie but the truth with a filter on it
Where the best you can be is a Kardashian
Crack the whip, throw plastic on your chest, back and lips
While you at it snap a pic in front of a flashy whip with a gat and stack of chips
Do that and act as if you own it
Hashtag you want it
Hashtag my hashtag impress you don’t own it
My timeline is full of bad news
I’m going cashews
Feel like I been getting numb becoming a bad dude
It’s like a bad habit
When something bad happens I should be sad but make it a meme I laugh at it

[Jered Sanders:] Crazy
They wonder why we so crazy
They wonder why we so crazy
They wonder why we so crazy, crazy

[Datin:] One night, the devil gathered up his clan to meet
To try to come up with a plan to expand his reach
Then one of his minions had lifted up his hand to speak
He told the devil that as he scanned the land to wreak
Havoc upon man he examined and he peeped
That man was sheep and way down in our hands we keep
These phones and through em’ ideas can be planted deep
In our minds and they can keep us in a trance and sleep
The devil said, “Wait, start infiltrating they system
Through they phones we can inject hate like snake venom
Start baiting em’ into a state where they sinning
Then the Savior and the Lord is replaced and faith’s missing
Think about it, through the screen, we’ll control the narrative
Lazy mom, lazy dad they will let us parent kids
Not only kids but from the teens to old ladies
What we project will make em go crazy.”

[Jered Sanders:] Crazy
They wonder why we so crazy
They wonder why we so crazy
They wonder why we so crazy, crazy

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