Be Sure by Karen Clark Sheard Mp3 download

Be Sure by Karen Clark Sheard Mp3 download

Be Sure by Karen Clark Sheard Mp3 SONG. American Christian/Gospel Artist Karen Clark Sheard Released a New Single Titled “Be Sure”, Which is a Powerful Song That Will Uplift Your Spirit And Surely Be Worth A Place On Your Playlist.

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Lyrics  Be Sure By Karen Clark Sheard

If you ask me why it really took so long
It was like waiting for that picture perfect song
If you ask me why it took so many years
It’s never easy coping with your fears

If you ask me how I felt being alone
Where I was weak God made me strong
If you ask me if I really feel secure
Before I say yes – I must to be sure

[B-Sec:] Sunny days don’t mean that it ever won’t rain
Money may bring things but it won’t erase the pain

[Chorus:] I love you and you love me but we must be sure
We may be the best of friends but in the end it’s true love that wins
Gotta be love that will endure
I gotta to be absolutely sure

If you ask me what precedes a wedding day
It’s the answers you receive when you pray
And if you find for any reason it’s not pure
Before you say yes you must be sure

[B-Sec] [Chorus] [Bridge:] Could it be infatuation or is it true
Losing a battle with temptation will never do
Though I’m not perfect my objective is to be pure
So please forgive me for the wait I had to be sure
Please understand


If I’m gonna to put my trust in you
Gotta be absolutely true
If I’m gonna share my life with you
Gotta be absolutely sure
Gotta be a love that will endure
Gotta be absolutely sure

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