Anything – Yolanda Adams Mp3 Download (Audio Lyrics)

Anything – Yolanda Adams Mp3 Download (Audio Lyrics)

Anything – Yolanda Adams Mp3 Download (Audio Lyrics)

Anything – Yolanda Adams Mp3 Download. Do you wish to download Anything By Yolanda Adams for free? Then, you are going to find the download link here.

If you believe, you will defeat and be victorious, stand up to your feat and not to your defeat, your dreams are very valid, you can achieve them brethren, you have God with you and He is more than enough for you. Strive for greatness, do not be timid, the sky is your starting point. Hallelujah!!! This song is from the Album Believe and was released year 2001.

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Lyrics Anything By Yolanda Adams Mp3 Music.

How big is your imagination
How much do you dream
Have you ever had a vision that seems so far to reach
But I ain’t trying to preach to you
But I’m really concerned about the road you choose
Where are you going
What are you doing
What are you choosing
Why don’t you

Let the melody you hear
Whisper softly in your ear
Telling you, you can do anything if you believe
Let the softness of my voice remind you that you got a choice
You can achieve anything if you believe

Now I know you gotta make your own decisions
You gotta make your own mistakes
But I’m watching you as you do what you do
And I see myself as I watch you cause
I did what you’re doing when I was a kid
And I made the same mistakes
I been where you been
But you can change your destiny
If you listen to the words that I say

[Chorus] [Vamp:] Anything is possible
Reachable, attainable
If you see your self as God sees you
I hope you’re listening cause..


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